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At the heart of historic Phnom Penh, visit the brand new Penh House with the architecture and design masterminds behind this ultimate oasis-hotel.

Oasis Revisited

Take the first steps onto PenhHouse rooftop and you get the lay of the land: the intense green treetops of Phnom Penh Royal Palace gardens right in front of you, the golden ridges of many pagodas around, and then a sprawling, ever-changing skyline of an Asian city that, in spite of fast development, remains so human-sized, so livable.

"The urban context on leafy Street 240, the proximity of places revered by Cambodian people, the main concept of an oasis-like destination for travelers and residents, that's what inspired us", summarizes Ivan Tizianel, the architect for this elegant and functional 5-storey building; "Vegetal facades? It might be a fad right now, for us it's just an intrinsic part of the place's spirit".

"The main idea was to be in phase with one of the greenest areas of the city, to create an oasis for nomad-spirited travelers and locals", adds Lucille Giralté, head of the interior design team; "floor tiling evocating sand and earth, nothing gaudy. We specially designed the whole furniture and fabrics with local artisans, sourcing it from existing materials, working with reclaimed timber -- note the tin-plating work on some drilled parts of wood --, creating our own silkscreen printing patterns with Phnom Penh craftsmen such as Phearith Prints..."

Bringing back natural elements into a sophisticated context, architects, contractors, designers and craftspeople worked together for more than 2 years in order to achieve a distinctive sense of harmony. Every detail is accounted for: look at the wavy banks of Pennisetum Setaceum (a decorative plant that also grows wild in South East Asia) surrounding the serene rooftop swimming pool, with their soft ripples reminding the subtle undulation of the main facade on Street 240.

"We had to erect two different buildings with different shapes, unite them with airy walkways and patios", adds Ivan Tizianel; "raw wood and vegetal partitions ensure air and light flows, as well as complete privacy for each room. The rooms are organized in 4-units pods, to avoid too long and depressing corridors, and all of them get sufficient natural light. The lobby is some 30 m-deep, giving out an impressive sense of space while leading to more secluded areas, the spa, conference room, service areas, underground parking..."

Uninterrupted space from the main entrance on the ground floor, thanks to 16 massive pillars and concrete beams supporting the whole structure, reminiscent of the traditional Khmer house principles. Going further inside, past the reception desk set on the side, light wells and green patios.

In the airy reception area, two stylised Apsaras by photographer Jérémie Montessuis reflect the definitely Cambodian and timeless spirit of the place. Fleeting yet essential, they invite you to enter the world of PenhHouse.

Architects & Engineers : Asma Architects Architects : Ivan TIZIANEL, HEANG Sambo, OEUR Chanproneth, SUN Paneth & ING Porlin. Engineers: BUN Yalin & THONG Chanthy

Project Managers: Didier FARAUD, Thomas GALTIÉ

Interior Design: Lucille GIRALTÉ with TEP Sreyneth & SOKREN Polinich (MAADS Design Team)

Landscape: Robin RÉRAT

Coordinator: Valentin HAY

and the whole team of masons, carpenters, welders, gardeners who contributed to the Penh House oasis.

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